5 Best Cloud Doc Services

For those who are already on the go or who want to collaborate with others, cloud doc services are the best decision. Many cloud doc services allow for writers to collaborate in real-time, increasing productivity, creativity and allowing writers to correct each other's mistakes. Syncing allows you to always have access to a document regardless of where you are and which device you are on. While most cloud services allow for the storage of docs, there are a few that specifically cater to the use of documents.

Apple iCloud

The Mac Finder app integrates iCloud Drive with other programs, such as iWriter. This allows for documents that were saved with iWriter to also be saved on the iCloud Drive. However, you are not able to store folders from third-party cloud storage devices in the Apple iCloud. Also, folders from multiple Macs can be combined.

Google Drive

Google Drive comes with a program known as Google Docs. This program is very similar to Microsoft Word and allows for multiple users to work on the same document. Changes appear in real time. New documents can also be created in your browser. Google Docs also comes with a revision history so that it is possible to track down an old version if a version that is composed later is worse than the original.


This business-friendly app allows for you to have your work documents wherever you go. This is an ideal app if you have a large number of documents to store along with other file types, since it can store up to 1TB. It comes with the Crypto feature that provides high security for sensitive work documents.

Microsoft OneDrive

Your office documents can be stored on OneDrive. Then, Office Online can be used to edit and view your documents in a web browser. New documents can also be created in your browser.

An alternative to using Word is to use OneNote. OneNote is designed to serve as one place for collecting notes, brainstorming, organizing or even creating a more structured document. New pages can be added when needed. You can roll pages back to an earlier version if there is something that is lost in the shuffle. OneNote can also be accessed from a variety of devices.


Box can integrate with Google Docs. The app for Box is preferred by many because it allows for users to decide which applications will sync. The app makes it easy to share because a folder can be setup to be accessed by specific Box accounts. Therefore, those who are collaborating on a single document can access it from different Box accounts.

Many of these cloud document apps are free to use. Therefore, if you cannot decide which one you'd like to use, try them all. You may find that more than one serves your needs. There are some hassles with using the cloud. For example, you will need an Internet access and depending on your Internet speed, there may be a delay regarding how soon these files are updated. But the convenience of composing a document in the cloud makes it worth it.