Does America need more Hitler Humor?

Does America need more Hitler Humor?

Does America need more Hitler Humor?

Adolf Hitler has been one of the most talked about villains in modern history, and for good reason. He turned a whole country against anyone who basically didn’t have blue eyes and blonde hair. He ordered people be sent to concentration camps, most notably, Jewish people. He also planned to take over as much of Europe and possibly more than that, until his dying day. However, the question is no longer how or why he did the things he did. Those questions can be asked and researched forever, but the question is, does America need more Hitler humor? Here are few reasons why I believe Hitler humor is fine right where it is and why it can and should continue:

  •        Education
  •        Satire
  •        Statute of Limitations

Education – Most Americans, at some point, learn of Hitler, and his evil ways. Some learned from a school teacher, or in college. Some learned from Grandparents who lived through the time Hitler spent destroying our world. Some learned from all of the above. The point is, most of us know the things that he did, even if we don’t understand why he did it. Because of our knowledge of the things he did, we are free to make our own opinions, even if in most cases, they are at his expense.


Satire – It is easy to see that this day in age, Americans love satire. Netflix is even taking on a satirical show about Hitler. There are tons of websites devoted to satire. Some people on the internet still cannot tell when an article is satire because of the way the site is put together or they just believe everything they see on the internet. The fact that satire is so alive and well in this country, makes Hitler humor that much more enjoyable. Let’s be honest with each other, he had a goofy mustache, and was really short, he also seemed to have family issues. We are Americans! We make fun of everything, because we can, that is what makes America what it is. Because of the education we have, we know what Hitler did, and we can use that to poke fun at him and his appearance.


Statute of Limitations – This isn’t what you are thinking. I am not saying that there has been so many years since Hitler committed his crimes, that he should be freed from everything he has done, even if he is dead anyway. What I’m trying to get across here is that it has been 70 years since Hitler has been around, I think making fun of him is way passed standard etiquette, even so much that it is too old to joke about. So joke on Wayne!

So does America need more Hitler humor? Yes, I think more Hitler humor is acceptable and needed. The current generation needs to know that they can make fun of not what Hitler did, but who he was. The simple answer is that we need to keep the jokes coming so when the next kid asks who Hitler is, we can explain why he is made fun of.

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